People are always amazed that I like taking a dozen kids around a space pretending to be a spy.   I love it actually.  These are funny people.  They play and believe in each other and allow me to give them a great adventure.  Every party has at least one special moment.  Here are a few:

“Against the wall, we are invisible!”
-8 year old trailing Dr.Feathers

“We just have to make a giant yummy looking booby trap cake and we will catch the villain for sure. No doubt about it.”
-Totally convinced 6 year old boy

“Is Dr.Feathers a real villain?”
I am asked this question at least ten times a party.  

Playing is believing.

“Whoa!  That’s disgusting, but it is so cool.”
-9 year old watches in amazement as a Junior Spy copies a key for the safe box

“Everyone calm down.  The codes are right here. I got this.”
-9 year old boy with code book

“Agent G.  Did you know there was gold in the basement?  You have to come see.”
-6 year old boy pulling me by the hand.  I’m thinking, “Yeah sweetie, I know.  I put it there.”

Me:  “Against the wall agents.”
7 year old girl:  “I know this!  I saw it in a Barbie movie. Skulk like me guys.”  (Everyone follows her exactly.)