Matthew Davies and Ginette Davies have been throwing themed parties for children for over 12 years.  From goblin fairy parties at Cherry Beach and living room pirate parties to Survivor and Around the world craft parties.  They have created memories for so many people.

With their experience, they have enhanced neighbourhood events and school fun fairs leaving a mark in their community.  Now with their own space, they bring their most requested party, the spy party, centre stage.

usMatthew Davies is a SOCAN award-winning composer.  He has been a sound engineer and composer for TV, movies and documentaries for over 20 years.  His sound effects talents are well used for these spy parties.  He has also composed custom spy music.  His creativity enables him to see adventure everywhere he looks.

Ginette Davies has an extensive background in theatre.   With a DEC and a BA in theatre performance, she knows how to work with children and move them around.  Her energy grasps the kids’ attention as they meander through the space. She has been part of many Arts Fairs at the TDSB working with students of all primary grade levels.

We have a big thumbs up from the parents who have laughed at us doing these funny parties over the years.

An Undercover Kids Amazing Spy Party experience is coming your way!
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